mariaMaria Roberts

I started Crossfit at CFSL just under a year ago after deciding with a friend it was time to get moving. I had very low expectations that I would last a day much less one week! But I made it and it was a great feeling and I didn’t want to stop. It was hard, very hard but it was so fun and so exciting to see those small accomplishments week to week and then month to month. Randy worked with me from the very beginning to show me the correct form, pushed me when I thought I could not do more and taught me not to compare myself to others, but to do my best each day. I love that every day I come in is different from the last day. It is always a challenge but the encouragement from Randy and the other members helps me to keep going. This last year has brought me more energy and more confidence than I ever had and I look forward to seeing what the next year of Crossfit brings.

christyChristy Simeone

A little over six months ago, I went to my first Crossfit class to see what it was all about. People asked me, “Why??” People said I must be crazy, and I thought they might be right considering I couldn’t walk/move the first week. BUT here I am…I completed my 100th class tonight!!! I am stronger, faster, healthier, and happier. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but find what works for you, and GO FOR IT!